Steps To Business Success: Who Do You Turn To?

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What are the steps to business success? To have a successful small business there are many components. One aspect that is often overlooked to growing a small business is to have a business coach or mentor.

In today’s world finding the right business help in terms of small business coaching or small business consulting can be a daunting task. And, to grow a small business and to have a successful small business long term, finding the right people to support you is critical. And, in today’s highly specialized world finding these people and the business help you need can be a challenge.

To start, what is the difference between a small business coach and a small business consultant? Here are some general guidelines. A coach works with who you are to accomplish what you want. A consultant works with a particular area of your business to help you get what you want. Before going forward I want one thing to be clear. Both these areas can have carry over into each other.

Here’s an example to help with the distinctions. To have a successful small business you need to have a good marketing program to generate sales. A business consultant may come in and actually put together the program and work with you and in your office to implement it. And, very often there is a time line for the project such as 90 days. Once it is over it is over.

A small business coach would take a slightly different approach. He or she would look at who you are. They may certainly know of or have marketing programs in mind but their focus first and foremost is to discover what has the greatest probability of working for you based on who you are.

They realize that there are many great ways to market but that there is no one way that works for all. They believe that the best teaching experience is for you to actually implement the changes to get a true feel of what works and what doesn’t.

The small business coach would help you discover solutions that are best in alignment with who you are. This is similar to when you embark on change in your business. You must set yourself up for success by building your success around who you are.

The business coach can help you do that. And, it requires a change in your thinking and a willingness on your part to be held accountable. Accountability in coaching is the fuel that will drive the engine of your small business success. And, very often, coaching is more of a long term relationship than consulting.

Remember, in taking your steps to business success, that different isn’t necessarily better. But, better is always different. Whether you choose business consulting, business coaching or something that is a blend is a decision unique to your business. To grow small business successfully, you must always keep in mind what is best for the short term and long term.

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