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My experience with the association management platform YourMembership has increased over the past year, and during that period I had a chance to experience firsthand the buzz surrounding this solid and innovative platform. As I dug deeper within the technology that supported this platform, I had a chance to make my own personal assessment regarding the technology makeup of this system.
YourMembership has the framework to be an excellent association management system, it cannot compete with platforms like Apitfy or netFORUM and it is not meant to. YourMembership is meant to service small to mid-sized organizations that want to have a large voice without the resources the larger associations have. From that perspective, YourMembership offers a boatload of features and functionality at a fraction of the cost.
While there are many features to rave about, there was a particular function that I felt could have used some additional love. One of the constraints I found within the YourMembership CMS function was the ability to display vital information in a manner that was easy to navigate, understand and for the public to consume. It was lacking that customer facing, web engagement presence that other association management applications offered. Looking at the target market this platform supported, I realized that high end content management platforms would not be a viable option for majority of the YourMembership subscriber base and that they would lean more towards an affordable and easier to manage CMS platform. WordPress is the platform that stood out to me. An informal poll of YourMembership clients at the 2018 Community Brands Conference, many clients confirmed my hypothesis.

Wordpress is a CMS that is rich in functionality and features at a fraction of the cost. I have used WordPress before and have always found it to be thoughtful in layout, accessibility and manageability. This was an opportunity to accentuate the YourMembership platform and a new way to extend it to the web. Today I am proud to introduce Kinect.YM. Kinect.YM is a light weight connector that allows your organization to display products, events and membership data directly from YourMembership and display it within a WordPress website allowing you to extend YourMembership but also provide the user experience your customers can enjoy.
Beta testing concluded in June of 2018, and after some minor tweaks Kinect.YM is ready for prime time! Below are screenshots of the Kinect.YM sandbox. Development has been fast and furious, a roadmap including connecting to many of the popular Community Brands partner applications is already in the works.

Works with any theme. Kinect.YM displays what you want to, where you want it!

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