Tips for making a living as a freelance writer:


If you are committed to making a living from home and working as a freelance writer there are a number of interesting tips that you can use in the early stages to help ensure that you can remain profitable, efficient and successful. Here are some of the top tips from experienced freelance writers that can guide your progress when you first get started:

Start your own blog:

Writing for yourself can often be one of the best ways that you can build up a great portfolio. Writing about subjects that interest you and keeping regular posts up every week for your personal blog can be a huge help for building up a portfolio you can show off to others.

Work on your applications/pitch:

One of the biggest challenges that many early freelance writers face is the idea of the pitch. In many cases, in order to establish a brand-new client, you may need to come forward to them or even their blog page with a series of blog ideas that you could write. If you could pitch a series of guest posts to a brand-new client, this might keep you in work over a few weeks or give you a larger article to earn a bit of extra money.

Join a writer’s network:

Finding a community of freelance writers can often be a great way that you can have a sense of comradery in a small community that can help one another. Joining a writer’s community on Reddit, pro-blogger or even some of the most popular forms for writers like warrior forums, can help you learn about new opportunities and improve your writing by learning from writers that have been working as freelancers for years.

Set your rate:

As a freelancer you need to have a typical rate in place that makes you competitive but also ensures that writing will be worth your time. Compromising on your rate as a writer can also ruin some of your professional accreditation. If you have been a writer for several years or you have extensive experience in a particular subject, don’t be afraid to ask a little more than the competition as you can often deliver a better-quality product for your customers. Most professional writers will charge between $15-$50 for 500-600 words of content.

Keep some of these early tips in mind as you are working to become a freelance writer in the future.

References to find help opportunities select the category of “Writing” scans all of CraigsList, not limited to your area. Use the term “Writing” and it will pull up writing gigs.

Any term or category could be used to help you find the job opportunities. Diversity your strengths and continue to build your portfolio!

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