#1KYM – Kinect.YM 1.0 (monthly rate includes support)

#1KYM – Kinect.YM 1.0 (monthly rate includes support)



The name YMconnect has been changed to Kinect.YM but features haven’t. We have included more in this release for our loyal customers.

What if you changed something on YourMembership? You then take those exact changes or setup and created or replicate them on a page on WordPress. Could you imagine the countless hours, effort and increased risk of error you could encounter? Is this time you can afford to lose? You know these challenges all too well and the resulting frustration. Understanding those fears is why I created Kinect.YM.

Kinect.YM removes the labor-intensive process of copying and pasting event/product info from YourMembership and adding it to a WordPress website. With Kinect.YM, the changes you make on YourMembership, can be updated with a click of a button. Kinect.YM is an easy and affordable way to take YourMembership events and product data and display it within a WordPress website.

Kinect.YM is based on one thing. Efficiency! You change it on YourMembership and those changes are reflected in WordPress! It is that simple!

Support is included in the monthly rate.

Current Integration includes:

  • Events
  • Products
  • Items on our road map include:
    • Membership
    • Single Sign On (SSO)

Do not have a WordPress website and want to see your data in action? Contact us to build you a sandbox and deliver the experience your members deserve!
*** Discounts on Kinect.YM are available when a website is built and hosted on The City Mix platform.


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