#6WD – YourMembership Design Package

#6WD – YourMembership Design Package



Your shiny new AMS has just been converted from a competitor to YourMembership but it doesn’t look right. The images are not sharp, code that was brought over doesn’t work as well and you do not want to migrate to an upgraded template. You want to your web presence to look clean and usable so your customers can access what you are selling. Like you many other associations have felt that sting, and the first thing to do is to get a banding guide. Contact The City Mix to make you a custom page with the following details:

  • Custom Web Page with the following:
  • Custom <h1> tag to your satisfaction
  • Custom <p> tag to your satisfaction
  • Custom Color scheme that reflects your associations passion and aligns with your vision

Why spend so much on getting a complete redesign when you can spend a fraction of that cost and get the foundation in place to deliver the experience you and your customers deserve.


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