#3WH – Business Card Website (monthly)

#3WH – Business Card Website (monthly)



Have an idea but not sure how the market will respond to it? Not to worry, there are so many entrepreneurs that have a great vision but uncertain if the next step will lead to greatness or will lead back to the drawing board. You are not alone!

Many people have approached me about an low, cost effective entry into building a fully responsive website and I listened.

With a business card website, you can choose a template, provide details for your landing page and off you go!

Here is one of my customers that invested in 3 business card websites! http://artandvow.com/

The business card will be built with on fully responsive wordpress website platform so that when you are ready to take that next level, you have the structure in place to launch quickly!

New Features now standard in hosting:

  • Security – Every website includes an SSL certificate. No longer do you have to worry if your website is secure or up to industry standards. A $60 savings per year.

Already Included:

  • Custom designed landing page designed to capture your audience.
  • Free Business Consultation – A support rep will always be available to answer your technology and growth initiatives.
  • State of the Art Web Hosting
  • Google Analytics
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Text and Image Changes
  • Staging Site when upgrading
  • The City Mix logo linked back to www.TheCityMix.com in the footer

**Each additional page is $250 dollars


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