The City Mix is a company that focuses on creating or extending the brand that is undeniably you. Presence is everything and building it correctly can make or break your online existence before it starts.
We at The City Mix have 20+ years of branding and marketing experience. Our experience extends back to when all interactions were face to face followed with a handshake, so we understand what works with consumers face to face and how that translates to the web. Our tried and true marketing and business development techniques have evolved as technology has changed, but the principals remain the same.
Majority of the people we help, are people that are just starting out their companies or cultivating their ideas into the next best thing. While an idea is where a business needs to start from, there are many steps to cultivating that idea into a business. Questions can range from where to start, when to push the envelope and where to focus your efforts.
When starting a new business, here are some important questions and answers to starting a business.

Q – Which social media tool should I focus on?

A – Yes! That is the long and the short of whether to focus on social media. It is relevant marketing, knowing which one to focus on takes time and effort, so start from identifying your needs now and where you are projecting to go

Q – Should I buy a domain name?

A – Yes! Buy your piece of the web. Getting a domain name is vital, getting the right domain name is vital in laying the groundwork to launching a business. Use combination of words that describe your business and try to find a .com extension if possible. Contact us and we can help come up with ideas and also get you discounts on domains that you wish to purchase.

Q – What tool can I use to keep track of all of my expenses and profits?

A – There are many tools that do the book keeping for you. Tools like FreshBooks makes the financial expenses and revenue tracking easier to manage. They still take time to setup but they offer tremendous flexibility when evaluating comprehensive reports during tax time.

Q – I have a unique idea that I do not think has been done before, should I patent?

A – It is always important to do your research before filing a patent. Use to start your initial search. Doing a search online is a great way to find out if your business or variant of what you want to develop has been taken or not. Do not search for how you want to brand the concept, use google and plug in keywords that describe your process or the concept you want to patent.

Q – If I wanted to become a business, what type of business type should I file as?

A – Depending on the business model, as a generalization, I would first incorporate as a LLC or Sole Proprietorship, but there are many business types to choose from. Each business type has its advantages and disadvantages, finding the correct one will allow you to reduce overhead, streamline and scale according to your business vision. Start by searching Identifying the type of business, you want to develop is essential and will also come in handy to define how to branding your business. Utilizing the Small Business Administration website is a great online resource to help you get started.
All of these questions are vital questions when trying to start a business. There is no magic potion that will answer all of your questions and lead you to guaranteed glory, but there are steps you can take to increase the probability of success.

Research, Research, Research!

Reach out to your friends within the space you wish to enter, research message boards or LinkedIn communities and post messages within relevant communities. Reach out to vendors. Even if the vendors are not in the space, they might know someone who can point you in the right direction. It is all about knowledge and there is no shortcut for research and being prepared.
Reach out to us for an unbiased conversation and lay out a customized development plan for optimal success. We pride ourselves in doing things the right way.
Stay tuned as we continue to bring you industry relevant topics.
If you would like us to research a topic that is important to you, send us an email at

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