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2019… You Ready?


What a whirlwind of a ride 2018 was! I was able to validate some of my thoughts and concepts, learn some new and interesting technology and was able to expand my business in a way I didn’t anticipate. While all of these things are typical business owner trying to find solid ground, how you adapt to those changes is what can define future success.

How to effectively use freelancers

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Outsourcing your project might just be one of the best business decisions you’ll make – it frees up your time to focus on other important tasks; helps you get things done faster while ensuring you keep a tight leash on your overhead cost. According to a study by the Freelancers’ Union, more and more professionals […]

YourMembership Extended with YMconnect©

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My experience with the association management platform YourMembership has increased over the past year, and during that period I had a chance to experience firsthand the buzz surrounding this solid and innovative platform. As I dug deeper within the technology that supported this platform, I had a chance to make my own personal assessment regarding […]

#TCM: Community Brands: Xperience 18 Recap

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The Community Brands conference, Xperience 18 which occurred May 6, 2018 to May 9, 2018, was a great success! It was a great opportunity to gain some knowledge about new membership management applications, connect with partners, reconnect with friends and establish strong relationships with new friends. This conference was an important one for me personally […]

Tips for making a living as a freelance writer:

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If you are committed to making a living from home and working as a freelance writer there are a number of interesting tips that you can use in the early stages to help ensure that you can remain profitable, efficient and successful. Here are some of the top tips from experienced freelance writers that can […]

7 Fat Reasons To Outsource

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Almost every business is familiar with outsourcing and how it’s done, but the obvious and tangible benefits are still unknown to many. If you are in the transitional phase where you have to make tough decisions between outsourcing or self-managing, it’s time for you take a leap of faith and outsource some of your business […]

Color Your World

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Color is a powerful and often underutilized tool in our day to day lives. It has the power to make the bland become appealing, boring become inspiring and has the ability to excite our eyes and senses. It allows organizations and brands to differentiate from each other. It allows us to craft a story visually […]

Thank You from Sahil & Going Forward

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For the past 8+ years I have been a part of the American Hospital Association’s Information Technology Team and that is why my departure was a tough decision to make. AHA supported me through the birth of my son, my near fatal car accident and the unfortunate loss of my wife and through all of […]

The importance of a market strategy with any developed web product:

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Developing a website or a web product simply even enough to make that item a success. The big problem that many companies face when working with a developer is that they are unwilling to build a developed web product that eventually reaches their target audience. Working with a company like The City Mix to have […]