1. The Overview

Amy Riley, the owner of Shoop Consulting was using a logo and website that was limited in its appeal and use of technology. Amy reached out to The City Mix to give her a no cost evaluation of her website and to help create a new branding strategy that would accurately reflect her personality and her companies point of view.
Shoop Website Original

2. The Context and Challenge

Shoop Consulting’s original website was beneficial when she started her business but had limited appeal today in how consumers search and navigate the web. The goal was to create a new, fresh and exciting web experience that incorporated today’s best practices and that allowed her business to grow and have a website that can scale with that growth.

3. The Process and Insight

If you look at the screenshot of her previous website, you can tell that the website lacked her personality, style and limited her growth. The City Mix was tasked at creating a new web experience that would showcase and highlight her skills and personality.
We took input from Amy to execute her vision. We wanted to find out the features of her company that she wanted to showcase. I then selected 7 templates that highlighted those key attributes.
Amy has a very strong perspective of what her customers were searching for when looking for coaching. That input was beyond valuable, it helped us search her competitors and identify their core competencies they were highlighting.
Out of our extensive research, we identify 5 major attributes that would help bring her vision to life. We had identified:
1. Wanted to prominently display herself in action
2. Bring attention and highlight the services she has to offer
3. Give customers an opportunity to understand her methodology
4. Highlight satisfied customers
5. Provide a way for the visitor to get to know Amy

4. The Solution

It all started from the logo. The new logo had to embody people, culture, targeted training and the need to harness the results. From the designed logo, we were able to give the website an identity. We used the logo as the basis of our color scheme and carried that color scheme throughout the website.
We also wanted to see her in action. So an image of Amy teaching with a link to her services came to mind. Since the new website would be her online calling card, the site needed to redesigned with responsive web design elements. Building a responsive web designed site will allow any potential customer, on any device, to search through the Shoop Consulting list of services.

5. The Results

In my impression, the result was fantastic. Amy was a great customer that offered direct input and had a clear vision of what she wanted to accomplish. While Amy provided great insight, she also had questions as to what the current marketplace was doing.
The execution of the project is where The City Mix stands out. The City Mix was able to provide input from an online design aesthetic, web branding perspective, but also input as to trends and insight that would make sense in her marketplace. We stayed in constant contact via email and she was also notified of any threats to the projected timeline. Operating with transparency allowed us to move forward in a fluid manner. The project plan was a combination of Waterfall and Agile project management methodologies because of the dependent structure we needed to follow with the flexibility to change direction based on what the customer needed.

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